Welcome to Canyongear, we make Protective boat bags for Canoes and kayaks, offer embroidery services and can make or adjust all sorts of gear and equipment.

This is a small personal company focusing on helping people who need that little extra detail or producing items not generally found in a normal shop.

Have a look round our site, but remember if you don't see what you are looking for, just drop us a line and we may be able to help you out.

Whoever hears of a soldier who goes to war without the right armour? The right description for that would be suicide mission. That is because the right equipment or gear used during a tour is as vital as the tour itself; if not more important.

So, are you looking to go canyoning? Then, there are very essential equipment you should indulge in order to make your tour beautifully perfect. There’s no telling that a poorly kitted canyon tourist may encounter accidents that could have been easily avoided.

At Canyon Gear, we specialize in the sale of canyoning equipment. By this, we mean we don’t just sell any kind of canyon product, but brands that have a reputation for quality. For us, this is important, as we wouldn’t want our customers experiencing challenges with a product purchased from us while on tour.

What equipment are you looking to purchase? Is it canyoneering socks, wetsuit, backpack, wetsuit booties, shoes, climbing harness, in-line descender, carabiners, climbing ropes, climbing gloves, climbing helmet, army knives, safety slings, safety whistle, mailons, tape slings, microfiber towels, swimming goggles, camping equipment, basic first aid kit, head torch, navigation tools, etc? You can be sure that we have it in our collection.

We offer very prompt delivery of items purchased, and we embrace payment on delivery as well. With the purchase of our products, you can be certain of durability and quality.

Our customers’ satisfaction has often influenced how we run business, and that’s why over the years, we have grown to be a brand to reckon with. We are keen to tend to customers complaints because; we believe that selling doesn’t just end after receiving cash from customers.

We have terms of service in place, which we often encourage our customers to look through; this way we can better surpass your expectation.

We embrace feedback as a way to perpetually top our game, and this has been of immense benefit for our brand. So, if you are looking to shop for quality proven and durable equipment for your canyon tour, then don’t look any further, for we’ve got you covered.