Canyoning is gradually and steadiliy being embraced by lots of people from all over the world whom just a couple of years ago would not have wanted anything to do with canyoning. But is it a safe sport? You may ask. Hmmm, to answer to that, it’s important to realize that every single sport out there has a form of risk. Whether you are looking to go cycling, swimming or even walking; they all come with a form of risk.

So, permit to paraphrase the question this way: How do we stay safe while canyoning? This is the way to go because to every venture out there, there will always be ways to indulge in order to minimize any negative occurrence.

When it comes to canyoning, here are a couple of tips you may want to bear in mind so as to stay safe.

Having Gears In Place

The gears that are put in place for canyoning are not spelt out by accident. Hence, if you are looking to canyon, then you should at least settle for the basic equipment that makes for a smooth canyoning. Imagine planning to canyon and you don’t have a helmet, neoprene socks or boots, canyoning harness, wetsuit, buoyancy aid, and throwbag. The simple advice to you will be: you don’t have to go canyoning this time.


The fact that every single person is talking about canyoning is not enough to set you out on a tour. Kindly make research on your own about the canyon you plan on touring, and then make adequate preparations based on your findings. What is the longest drop to the canyon? You may want to find this out so you take double the size of the rope that would land you at the canyon.


You may want to get some headlamps with you, as some canyons are particularly dark and even tight. To avoid accidents, headlamps will really come in handy for you.


The importance of water on your tour cannot be overemphasized; especially if you are looking to avoid dehydration. Of what use will your tour be, if you are too dehydrated to enjoy it? Kindly bear this tip in mind.

Explore Canyons

It is often best to keep an open mind when you are planning a canyon tour; this is because lots of things could come into play while you are on tour that may require your having to change course. For one, a canyon you plan to visit may not be safe for you at the time you plan to visit; hence you may want to redirect your tour to another canyon.

Being heady on touring a canyon that is unsafe could be very dangerous. So for maximum enjoyment of your canyon tour, be prepared to alternate canyons.

Carry a small backpack

Making the mistake of carrying things you don’t need into your canyon backpack is one sure way to easily get fatigue and slow down the progress of your tour team. It’s vital that you stick with only the basic items needed for your tour; else you may end up not enjoying the tour after all.

Comfy clothing items

Your shoes and clothes should be such that spell comfort. There’s no point in dressing all fashionable knowing that the canyon trip is really a trip in the wild. Kitted up for comfort should be your primary agenda, as you plan on a tour. If your shoes or clothes are inappropriate, then you may have issues with movement. Keep it simple and endeavour to research on the best kit for a canyon tour before you embark on it.

Get Acquainted with the route

Endeavour to get a GPS coordinates for routes ahead; alongside a map; this is very essential as sometimes in finding your way out, without the having the right coordinates you may get lost on a wrong route. True, there is information online about canyon destination; however, relying on them alone can become disadvantageous, as some of the information found online is outdated.

Using a GPS and map on your canyon tour is still your best bet.

In conclusion

Touring canyons are a very risky sport, hence it is wisdom to get cooperate with your team, as you tour. Having a “basecamp” supporter who wouldn’t have to go into the canyon with the other members of the team isn’t such a bad idea. In case something goes wrong it is great to know that there is someone who can quickly alert the authorities.

In all, canyoning is truly fun and one way to truly explore the benefits of working in a team. If you haven’t considered a canyon trip yet, then it’s possible that you may not really have had the kind of fun that is called weird. You sure don’t want to be told about it.