You are here: Home Embroidery Embroidery jerzeez1We use an industrial Toyota Embroidery machine and computer system to produce the highest quality products.


It is possible to customize almost all of our 'custom sized' gear with your embroidery design. You could have you name or team on your boat or paddle bags, or you club gear all labelled with the club motif.


You may be looking for company or club shirts to be embroidered with your logos. We can embroider most garments you supply, or you can choose from standard stock items.


First you contact us with your requirements, if you have a design you would like embroidered you would have to send us an image of the design in as higher quality as possible. We then digitize the design and set the machine up until the stitches are perfect. For simple designs (ie, names etc) you can probably choose from pre-digitized work and reduce the set-up fees.


The overall costs will depend on the number of stitches and the set-up of a design. For an estimate and more info please contact us using the contact form on the contact page.