Are you looking to purchase custom-made canyoning clothing apparel? Then, welcome home here as we have loads of them available in our collection. The kind of canyoning apparel you choose to go for will ultimately determine your tour experience.

We produce a range of paddle sport products ranging from Gear bags, boat and paddle bags to dry-tops and dry-suits. All of our gear can be tailored to your measurements and designed with different details you request, or you can choose from standard sizes.


For paddling gear we use high quality 4oz breathable nylon, or a 3 layered breathable membrane fabric. For Gear bags etc we use a durable 7oz nylon and closed cell foam sheeting for padded versions. All stitching uses appropriate polyester thread that will survive harsh environments.

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

We are aware of the importance of the choice of clothing, so we are very deliberate in making sure that our apparels are sewn to perfectly suit the occasion. Yours is just to imagine it, and we owe it to you to birth it just like you have imagined.

Due to the delicate nature of sewing to fit, we constantly have fashion designers of renowned international standards in our employ; this way we know we cannot go wrong with specifications laid down by our customers.

We don’t just sew custom-made apparels but clothing that can stand with world-class brands anytime and any day. That has often been the driving force behind the excellence with which we churn out our clothing.

Canyoning outfit are special and the specifics must be gotten correctly. It goes beyond just displaying how well a brand can sew; its core is mostly on sewing to make sure it is perfect for the occasion. It’s important that your canyon outfit has to be sturdy and be able to stand up to the wear, because canyons are often harsh on clothing.

Also, considering using a material that will dry fast; preferably synthetic fibre. We avoid using cottons for canyon apparels since it often draws heat from your body when wet. The quality of fabric used in our custom-made canyon apparels is top-notch, and this is because we don’t just sell; we endeavor to do our research on what clothing is best for any event, and what will best serve its purpose.

With our services, you don’t have fears of how well your custom-made designs will turn out because, they always turn out perfect. We have loads of testimonials to validate our claims and the excellence with which we do what we do.

You don’t have to take our word for it; kindly visit our shop and place an order, and we can bet that you will call to thank us afterwards.